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Whether it's a conference keynote, a TED talk, a lecture, a team talk, or something else, we'll help you plan, draft, write, and deliver it with confidence and impact.

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Need to inspire your team and help them communicate with greater clarity and impact?

Let us create a bespoke in-house workshop to make this happen. Tell us what you're looking for, and we'll do the rest.

What people are saying...

Paul Gilbert, CEO LBC Wise Counsel

"The work that Martin and Martha do to help us understand our message, to craft our message and then to be true to our message, is simply wonderful. It isn’t just what they share, it is also the care and passion with which it is shared."

Jennifer Tyler, Department of National Defence (Canada)

"This was one of the few speechwriting sessions I have attended that moved far beyond the basics and challenged us to analyze speeches in a much deeper way. This hands-on session provided me with many new techniques to consider when I don’t just want my audience to think about the topic at hand — but rather, be moved by it."

Poppy Jaman OBE, CEO City Mental Health Alliance (CMHA)

"What I love about working with Martha and Martin is that the speeches are my words, my narrative, my tone of voice – so authentic. Writing using their coaching approach and trusting in the process is part of the journey. I have grown in my thinking, developed my skills in talking simply and effectively. Each speech has given me content that I have been able to use in multiple ways for different audiences."

Tom Moylan, European Commission

"I very much enjoyed the workshop and would certainly recommend it to other speechwriters. It made me consider the power of individual words to make or break a point, a clever image, or indeed a whole speech. In particular, it gave me a new way to think about framing and my approach to achieving effective persuasion."

Ian Merrill, CEO Tempo

"In my role as Chief Exec of a growing organisation, with an increasing public profile, I recognised that improving my public speaking was really important – I wanted to be better at getting our message across. Working with Martha and Martin helped me do just that."

Advisor/Senior Speechwriter, Counsel to the Executive Board at European Central Bank

"Your workshop was great: I enjoyed the intellectual depth that you included, and I appreciated the way you didn’t try and teach us off-the-shelf speechwriting tricks, but rather tried to sensitise us to words and meanings. I’d also add that you both gave the impression that you love what you do and are still learning – both of which, for me, are key characteristics of someone I want to learn from."

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