CreativityWorks is a two-person speechwriting consultancy based in Brighton, UK. Since 2001 we've been helping leaders share their ideas through speeches, presentations and lectures that inspire, persuade and make a difference. 

Based on this experience, we've developed our coaching process to help people produce speeches they are proud to deliver. As well as working with individuals on speeches and presentations, we design and deliver bespoke sessions and workshops.

We work with a wide range of clients across all sectors – from global brands to charities, trade unions, professional bodies, universities and EU institutions. Our clients are experts in their field; our expertise is helping them communicate their ideas in a clear and engaging way.

Martin Shovel's Post-Truth cartoon Martin Shovel headshot

Martin Shovel writes speeches, blogs and books. He also trains professional speechwriters, coaches leaders and draws satirical cartoons, which he publishes on Twitter.

Looking up through trees to sky Martha Leyton headshot

Martha Leyton writes speeches and teaches speechwriting. She designs and runs workshops for speechwriters and other communications professionals, and coaches leaders in speechwriting.

Poppy Jaman OBE, CEO City Mental Health Alliance (CMHA)

"What I love about working with Martha and Martin is that the speeches are my words, my narrative, my tone of voice – so authentic. Writing using their coaching approach and trusting in the process is part of the journey. I have grown in my thinking, developed my skills in talking simply and effectively. Each speech has given me content that I have been able to use in multiple ways for different audiences."

Paul Gilbert, CEO LBC Wise Counsel

“A chance message exchange on Twitter some years ago was the first step in a journey that is still unfolding and which is a personal and professional blessing every day. Time with Martin and Martha is like being given presents of insight wrapped in kindness and offered with a passion for their craft that is compelling, exciting and fun. In a workshop you will laugh, wonder, pause and feel inspired. It is a joy and a privilege to be with them… And the gifts they offer will stay with you forever.”

Advisor/Senior Speechwriter, Counsel to the Executive Board at European Central Bank

"I enjoyed the intellectual depth that you included, and I appreciated the way you didn’t try and teach us off-the-shelf speechwriting tricks, but rather tried to sensitise us to words and meanings. I’d also add that you both gave the impression that you love what you do and are still learning – both of which, for me, are key characteristics of someone I want to learn from."

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