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Words make us feel things. The right word in the right circumstances can, metaphorically, put its arms around us and comfort us. The wrong word can leave us feeling uncomfortable, uncertain and wary of the speaker.

The first words a caller to the Samaritans hears are, "Samaritans, can I help you?" How different the experience would ...

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Next time you’re working with a client on a speech or presentation and they say they’re not comfortable telling stories, gently point out they’ve just started telling you one: the story of why they don’t tell stories. It's a potentially intriguing and revealing story that could offer valuable insights into what storytelling means to them and why ...

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The speaker steps onto the platform and walks purposefully towards the podium. You know little about them but, like most audiences, you want them to succeed. After all, life's too brief to waste time sitting through a speech that's dull enough to sedate a herd of stampeding elephants, isn't it?

The room falls silent. The opening of a speech ...

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