Workshops for Teams and Groups

Are you looking for a workshop that'll help your team present their ideas with confidence, clarity and impact?

We design and deliver bespoke workshops on a variety of topics. The list below will give you an idea of the kinds of things we cover, but we welcome the chance to create workshops to meet the specific needs of each client.

So please get in touch to let us know what you're looking for, and we'll do the rest.

Some workshops we've designed and delivered for our clients:

  • The art of speechwriting – how to write a speech or presentation that will engage and influence your audience
  • The language of leadership – the art of positive influence
  • Communicating expertise – how to share your skill and knowledge with non-experts so that they understand and value your insights
  • Client communication – 'speaking human' – how to use language to warm up your relationships with clients
  • Presentation skills – how to enjoy making lively and persuasive presentations without hiding behind PowerPoint
  • Elevator pitch – how to tell your story, and sell your ideas, skills or services to others
  • Cartoon thinking for communicators – discover how thinking visually, like a cartoonist, can improve the way you communicate in words.
People at a speechwriting workshops in Cambridge
People drawing at a Cartoon Thinking workshop

We have a long-standing association with the UK Speechwriters' Guild and the European Speechwriter Network, and have delivered workshops at their conferences over many years.

In this video, you can hear some of the delegates talking about one of our workshops, at Oxford University in 2016.

What people think of our workshops...

Steve Davison, Head of Public International Partnerships, University of Cambridge

"I very much enjoyed the workshop. The overall format was excellent and the content was exactly what I hoped for. One element I found very useful was the exploration of the relationship between words and the senses. This has brought a whole new aspect to my work, which makes me feel more like a professional wine-taster than a speechwriter! I’ve still got a long way to go, but I certainly feel a lot more creative!"

Simon Craig, First Minister’s Policy Unit, Scottish Government

"The workshop was fascinating. It opened my eyes to the fact that, even when I think I am using very unvarnished, matter-of-fact language, I am almost always using metonyms and metaphors. I would definitely recommend it to other speechwriters, as a way of understanding – and improving – your own (often subconscious) writing style."

Valerie Chase, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin

"Your 'Nuts and Bolts of Speechwriting' workshop was a great fit for me. I found the content relevant and accessible and the examples apt. Your passion for language and communication, and the counterpoint between you, made the session a delight to participate in."

Advisor/Senior Speechwriter, Counsel to the Executive Board at European Central Bank

"Your workshop was great: I enjoyed the intellectual depth that you included, and I appreciated the way you didn’t try and teach us off-the-shelf speechwriting tricks, but rather tried to sensitise us to words and meanings. I’d also add that you both gave the impression that you love what you do and are still learning – both of which, for me, are key characteristics of someone I want to learn from."

Tom Moylan, European Commission

"I very much enjoyed the workshop and would certainly recommend it to other speechwriters. It made me consider the power of individual words to make or break a point, a clever image, or indeed a whole speech. In particular, it gave me a new way to think about framing and my approach to achieving effective persuasion."

Alex Duff, Corporate Affairs Manager, Kingfisher plc

"I'm not a full time speechwriter but I do find myself getting asked to write speeches and presentation scripts. Your workshop offered the perfect blend of inspiration, theory and practical tips. Thank you!"

Helen Hyde, Corporate Registrar, John Lewis Partnership

"Not only did I hugely enjoy the day but found it extremely thought-provoking. I have every confidence that I will now be able to deliver my message creatively and memorably."

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